Why Care About Your Finances?

Why should I care about getting my money in order? It will free you up to follow your dreams in life. You need money to achieve the majority of goals in your life so getting your money together will make it so you can get all the rest of your life together too. There are no dreams that couldn’t use the assistance of money. You can stop telling yourself no and start telling yourself yes to the important things. If you can say no to the things that don’t matter it gives you the ability to say yes to more of the things that do matter. There is an overwhelming sense of peace that comes from being debt-free. I went from living in my father-in-laws basement to having a 6 figure net worth simply but not easily with hard work and dedication.

desiring money for the sake of having it is useless.png

Desiring money for the sake of having it is useless. Having money so that you can enjoy the things that matter to you in life is what really matters. Once you identify what truly matters to you, then you can keep your money away from the things that didn’t make that list.

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The desire for money in this culture and society is overwhelming. There is a need to acquire more and more things, ostentatious things, or whatever is popular at the moment. People spend $2,000 for a purse but save nothing for emergencies. Money is nothing on its own, it is literally paper that the only worth it has is what we decide it has. You can take a brick and throw it through a window or you can use the same brick to build a hospital, the brick doesn’t care, its just a brick. Think of your money the same way, it is not inherently good or bad, its all about what you do with it that determines its quality.

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I am saddened by the people that I see everywhere who only desire money and the pursuit of money for the sake of having it. Looking rich and having fancy things doesn’t make you a better person, it doesn’t enrich your life, the people that it attracts to you are not there for you, they are there for the hopes of having a bit of what you have or that simply by being with you that they will have more of a chance to be like you. But do you want to be admired and desired for the amount of money or nice things you have? Or would you rather be surrounded by people who genuinely like you for you?

It is so shallow to judge others by how much money they seem to possess. More often than not, the people that you know who have the most money are not the people you would guess. It’s the couple down the road who have worked hard their whole life, he drives a 5 year old car and doesn’t dress flashy, she doesn’t wear fancy jewelry and serves meals at home, they live comfortable and modest lives, and they have a million dollar net worth.

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Take a few minutes and write down what you want money for. If everything on that list is a physical item then you need to reconsider where your desires are coming from. I realize that we need money for things but the overwhelming desire for more just for the sake of having more is negative for you, it is a process that will never end, you will never have enough for all the “things” because there will always be a new thing for you to want.

Leverage your money to give you the best results in your emotions not in your social status.

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