Dreaming Big

I want you to dream big, figure out your ultimate goal that makes you pumped up when you think about it. The goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. If you are like me this may take a while. When I first started my journey the goal was to pay off $30,000 in debt. After I hit that goal I realized that I had spent so many years living day to day or week to week that I forgot how to dream big. I had been dreaming so small for so long that my brain protested every time I tried to dream big. I had to put some serious time and effort into retraining my brain to allow larger dreams to come.

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Spending 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes every night trying to expand your ability to dream again is a great place to start. Think of 1 small dream you have, then double it and figure out what that would look like, when you feel comfortable there, double that dream and decide what that would look like and keep going and going until your dream is so big that it seems nearly impossible. These are the kinds of dreams we want to have that will help us feel super excited and motivated at the potential we have for our future.

I want you to write these dreams out on paper so that they go out of your brain and into existence. Give your dreams a voice, give them time and effort and energy. Write them out so that they become a tangible entity instead of just a thought in your head. I want you to look at them every day and every night, memorize them, expand them, live with them and love them. Make them a new member of your family that you breathe life into daily.

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Then I want you to write a list of all the things that you are not willing to do to reach your goal. You can skip anything that goes against your character like lying or cheating because your goal will include getting there as the person you are (an honest and good person). Then really look over that list and realize that all of those things are excuses you are giving yourself to not achieve your dreams. Realize that if you allow those excuses to have weight that you will not reach your goal or it will take a lot longer than is necessary. They may feel like valid reasons but get creative in thinking of how those “reasons” can be laid to rest and removed in order for you to be successful.

Having small goals along the way is equally as important. You need to have small goals so that you can feel small successes as you work through your plan. And you need to be sure to celebrate hitting those goals, preferably in a non-monetary way however spending some money on your goal achievement celebration is allowed just limit it so that it doesn’t undo all the hard work you have accomplished.

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