My 30 Results

I recently hired a coach to help strengthen my sales and marketing skills as well as help me work through any issues that are keeping me from being more successful in my business. I have always had the belief that I am not good at sales. In one of the training sessions she told us to sell in a way that doesn’t feel “salesy” you have to have total belief in your product or service. I immediately recognized in the past at various different jobs the things I was required to sell (from food to makeup to men’s suits) were not things I believed in 100% and it made sense that when I sold those things I didn’t like sales and didn’t feel like I was good at selling. She challenged me to list 30 results or impacts that I have gotten from the transformation that I am offering to others through my services. Writing these down made me realize just how much I have gained from going through the process of getting my finances in order and taking control of my money. I knew I believed in the service that I am offering to others but having it all on paper in front of me made it crystal clear that what I am offering is something that many people need and I can confidently sell my services because I am fully aware of what I am offering to my clients and more. I wanted to share this list of 30 with you, they are in no particular order and some of them are easy to expect results while others were much more surprising even to me. I hope this can either help you to realize everything you have to gain from getting control of your finances or it can inspire you to write down 30 results you have gotten from the product or service that you sell to help reaffirm to you that you are doing something that is totally aligned with you.


1) I paid off $30,000 in debt.

2) I have been able to stay home and raise my kids for 3 ½ years.

3) I have an emergency fund.

4) I made it through a layoff at 7 months pregnant.

5) I get to decide how I live my life.

6) I have started my own business.

7) My business is completely debt-free.

8) I believe in myself and my own power to create results.

9) I have been able to go through Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach training.

10) My husband and I were able to go to Las Vegas for our 15th anniversary.

11) I impact other people’s lives.

12) I have given hope to people who felt hopeless.

13) My husband and I have a better relationship.

14) I feel more comfortable doing things for myself.

15) I feel more confident.

16)I feel successful.

17) I feel powerful.

18) I feel a stronger self-worth.

19) I know I can achieve huge and difficult goals.

20) I have made friends.

21) I have made decisions for myself and not just for the expectations of others.

22) I have a 6-figure net worth.

23) I can buy the things I want not just the things I need.

24) We took a life-changing trip out West.

25) I know my children will be set up for success.

26) People look up to me.

27) I am able to help people in many ways.

28) I am showing my daughters what they have the power to do in their own lives.

29) I lead by example.

30) I have a beautiful home with things that I want inside it.

Melissa BlandfordComment