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Why Care About Your Finances?

Why should I care about getting my money in order? It will free you up to follow your dreams in life. You need money to achieve the majority of goals in your life so getting your money together will make it so you can get all the rest of your life together too. There are no dreams that couldn’t use the assistance of money. You can stop telling yourself no and start telling yourself yes to the important things. If you can say no to the things that don’t matter it gives you the ability to say yes to more of the things that do matter.

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Lessons Learned from Love

We came on this trip because this is where my father-in-law Dave would bring us over and over again. It was a magical place for him and sharing his love for it made it a magical place for us. He taught me more than anyone else that having money could be something incredible not flashy, compassionate not assuming, full of love not jealousy. He worked hard his whole life to provide the kind of life he wanted for his children, he lived modestly and saved smartly.

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