Breaking free from my debt baggage

Hey ladies I want to take a moment to give a MAJOR SHOUT OUT to this beauty!

Back in June I reached out to Melissa for some financial advice, not only did she welcome me with open arms but she didn't make me feel bad for the amount or kind of debt I had carrying with me into our meeting.

She made me feel like I could take control of this situation and break free from my debt baggage. I was just looking over what I've done so far with her coaching and what I am projected to pay in the next few months. And come March I will have paid over $9,000 in debt in just 9 months and then will only have my house and student loans left.

You guys I seriously could cry! It feels so damn good to know that I am moving in the right direction and to see my credit score increasing month after month is such a high.

I'm a single mom who carries a lot of financial weight on my shoulders, and while I make good money, I was poor at managing it and hated to admit that.

It feels so good to not have that urge to spend as soon as I get paid, but to see interest accrue, and to save. I was used to not having a lot so when I made it I had a whole laundry list of things I "had" to buy. To say I've overcome that is amazing, and I just hope that if you are feeling stuck or suffocating in your finances, that this gives you the glimpse of hope you were seeking to break free of the baggage and the guilt.

THANK YOU Melissa Blandford for what you are doing! You are making a very important difference in so many peoples lives! - Erica Carter

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