I will never fall prey to those that sell money again

I have never been taught how to deal with money. I have struggled with my finances since my first job pumping gas. I work hard and the money is there. At the end of the month it is gone. No matter how hard I work or how much I make there was always only a little left over.

I have searched and interviewed a number of people looking for the right person to help me gain control over this area of my life. I finally found Melissa Blandford. In a very short period of time I have gone from a stack of un-opened bills and a few late notices to confidently opening bills as they come in. Adding them to my financials and crossing them off. We quickly brought the mess under control.

Melissa is wonderful to work with. Certainly punctual, she is also flexible and very dependable. Over the past few months I have gone from wondering if this would work to having Melissa as my mentor and secret weapon. I will never fall prey to those that sell money again.

I am starting off the New Year with my bills 100% in my control. My debt leading into the New Year will be paid off before Spring. With the exception of a mortgage I will be debt and worry free.

I work hard and sacrifice a lot for it. I am looking forward to finally enjoying my money, sharing it with my family and being free of the stress and hassle of bills, bills, bills.

Chanel NicoleComment