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Christmas Preparedness

Christmas happens the exact same time every year. I know this, and you know this. So how is it that every year we get to the holiday and realize we don’t have money for Christmas. Instead we freak out, try to find deals, try to pick up extra hours or odd jobs to get together the cash we need, or we just put it all on the credit card and then we can deal with it later.

I am on a mission to help save us all from the dreaded post-holiday depression that comes from out of control and unplanned holiday spending.

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I believe most people would agree that communication is an incredibly important part of your relationship. So why do you not talk to your significant other about money? When the number one cause of divorce is money related problems why are we not talking about our money problems? I am going to tell you the most common reasons why you aren’t talking and how you can start talking.

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